Why We Are Different

Leading change  

The business itself, nearly ten years of business consulting before it and Stuart’s book are all about an obsession with changing individuals’ experience of financial advice and investment services for the better.

Changing how financial services are experienced, both as a journey and as outcomes in the future, calls for re-engineering of business organisation across a very broad front. Fowler Drew has been a leader across this broad front:

  1. Improving the make-up (and generally reducing the level of) clients’ investment cost budgets
  2. An innovative approach to setting our fees, as flat-rate charges based on service value not market values
  3. Developing open and collaborative, rather than captive and dependent, client relationships
  4. Adapting, and applying to private wealth, market-leading institutional methods
  5. Complete and permanent integration of lifetime financial planning and portfolio management
  6. Building technology into every aspect of the business to create a strong process, ensure consistency (between individual professionals and across time) and reduce clients’ costs

 How do we know we are leaders?

  • Our clients are leaders in their field, many with the professional skills critically to assess our advantage (from firms such as 3i, McKinsey, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs) 
  • Recent FSA initiatives to improve consumer outcomes (Treating Customers Fairly, the Retail Distribution Review) could have come straight from the pages of Stuart’s book
  • Our industry regularly references Fowler Drew as it seeks to emulate features of our design of a modern, professional business reliant on fees
  • We win industry awards that recognise not just excellence but our contribution to new ways of doing things 
  • Invitations to speak, write and join working parties on changes in processes, practice management and raising skills
  • Frequently quoted in the press
  • Voted by journalists Media IFA of the Year (2010)
  • Academic support for liability driven techniques in private wealth management

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