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What Clients Say

What our clients told an independent research firm when surveyed in 2010, as summarised by the research firm:

  •  ‘What aspects do you most value?’

‘Fowler Drew is clearly a very trusted firm with a high level of perceived honesty. The word integrity was used frequently to reinforce this. Clients feel valued and are pleased that the service is based around their needs. The advice is also presented in an understandable manner which people can easily assess.’

  • ‘What difference has Fowler Drew made?’

‘The phrase peace of mind constantly came up which suggests a very relaxed and confident client base. Fowler Drew is clearly a trusted firm and your advice is respected.’

  • ‘Would you recommend Fowler Drew?’

‘Overwhelmingly positive on this front. It seems clients do value the service levels and would generally mention your name to others.’

How the Fowler Drew difference is experienced by clients – in their own words, whether attending a seminar, completing a planning exercise or having us manage their portfolios.

  • Conversations

‘We have found the meetings with you very informative, non-threatening, professional, but friendly. You are more than happy to go through any issues and technicalities which need explaining.’

‘They are ready to challenge what they see as conventional or lazy thinking. It is always worthwhile batting ideas around with Stuart – he forces you to justify your own thinking and preconceptions. He can be deliberately provocative, helping you to think out of the box and clear your mind.’

‘I would be very happy to recommend people to you. I shall warn them that they will be challenged to think about their money in terms of what they want in life. And even the after-life!’

  • Reports

‘Thank you very very much for the timely report you have prepared for us following our recent meetings with you. The report helps us to think about our attitude to risk taking and sets out the facts assisting us to decide upon our future strategy for drawing on our capital. Although we have agreed to continue our relationship with Fowler Drew for investment advice, we are happy with the initial report as a valuable, self-contained piece of work.’

‘It was good to read a report on the financial situation which shed light rather than heat. Very helpful. Thank you.’

‘On trying to clear some old emails, I came across your newsletter of January 2008 – how prophetic!’

  •  Planning

They have the capacity to think about retirement as a series of periods in one’s life, as opposed to a single one-off event. In other words, they recognise that one’s investment requirements for money to be spent in five years time are likely to be very different from money that will not be needed for 20 years. I found nobody else who was able to take this approach.’

‘We have recently appointed Fowler Drew to handle our pension investments for our family business SSAS. I know this is a very difficult subject however we have found it very helpful to be able to clearly target a desired pension for all the members by age 60. They have been able to tell us very specifically how we can achieve that. They quantified all the possible outcomes at different levels of risk so we could decide which trade-off we were most comfortable making. We now know how much it will cost our company in annual contributions to achieve what we want. They have taken a lot of the risk and mist out of it.’

  • Trust

‘You feel you have them on your side to a greater extent than you have with any of the other wealth managers that I came across in my work for a leading City law firm, where I was responsible for vetting advisers for individual partners. They are free of the prejudices and conflicts of interest that seem to be prevalent among just about all financial advisers.’

‘As a non-financial professional, I had been actively looking for help, attending seminars and talking to financial advisers. I suddenly realised that everyone I was seeing had a deep down interest in what they were selling and was being remunerated accordingly. Coming from a professional services business, I am used to being paid for my time, independent of kickbacks or money from ideas that I bring. I don’t have to rely for revenue on the downstream results of something I recommend. So the first thing that attracted me to Fowler Drew was this fixed fees idea.’

  • Technical edge

‘Fowler Drew differs from typical investment firms who seek ‘alpha’ for alpha’s sake, instead harvesting low-cost ‘beta’ building towards target outcomes that clients get to define. Their assumptions about how markets behave seem sensible and plausible to this non-expert client. The focus on outcomes helps us to understand what we are doing and why. It’s self-contained, neat and tidy and very suitable for busy lives.’

‘Their approach to asset allocation based on a rigorous mathematical computer model makes eminently good sense. That is not something I have in my armoury.’

‘When they present an investment opportunity, or when we discuss one that I have from elsewhere, their recommendation always follows logically from the point of view that underlies the overall asset allocation.’

‘No-one can be enjoying what’s happening in the markets and it would be wrong to be complacent but knowing that the portfolio has been tested to include such scenarios, and is structured to deliver our drawdown requirement for several years regardless, has given us a level of comfort which we realised we had almost been taking for granted. I don’t think we would have felt as in control a few years ago so thanks for that.’

  • Seminars

‘I listened to Stuart Fowler presenting to an extremely knowledgeable group of early stage investors. I was struck that, under sustained questioning, he was able to meet the challenges presented and cogently demonstrated the relevance of the Fowler Drew approach for an individual’s core assets’

‘Joe – thanks to you and Stuart for coming in and talking to our investors. The talk was thought provoking, timely and went down extremely well with all. Well done!’

‘We invited Stuart Fowler to address our Directors at a lunchtime seminar. The purpose was to provide them with some independent insight into the personal investment choices that they faced. Fowler Drew is one of the few personal investment advisors who can legitimately lay claim to having no conflicts of interest with their clients. In my view this makes their recommendations vastly more valuable than commission-earning (and therefore conflicted) advisors.’

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