Mid-stage Life Goals

If you are already juggling the typical time pressures of career and family, the competiting claims on your pockets of spending and savings can feel like a whole lot more juggling. Goal planning at this stage can provide two valuable outputs; as motivational device for the sacrifices involved in wealth building and getting you clear about why you should take risk. 

This is not nessersarily just about financial investments and involves a holistic view of the household balance sheet. With more predictability about your savings capacity, decisions about mortgage finance may now be an extension of your investment risk preferences, independent of your spending budget.

Risk preferences that are identified and acted on now will dicate much of the outcome of your investment plans. So will your agency relationships and agency costs. It's worth getting it all right, early.

- Stuart Fowler


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We want more children, but can we afford them and make pension contributions?


We want more children, but we need a bigger house, can we afford to borrow more?

How could I cope if anything disrupted our earnings?

To afford private education do we take the fees out of income or pension contributions?




We want to trade up, how much can we borrow and where do we find the money?

We want to trade up, but how will this effect our retirement savings?

What's better,  to invest our savings or pay down the mortgage?

We are saving for a deposit, should we avoid risk or try to match the risk in house prices?

We are making large pension contributions, should we also invest outside a pension?

Should I choose a financial investment or buy-to-let, or a bit of each?

What types of investments will get me some further tax advantages?


Can I get by without expensive investment management?

How much risk should we take, and why?


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