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The book that started it all..


‘No Monkey Business: What investors need to know and why.’ Stuart Fowler


“Insider Stuart Fowler weaves personal experience, theory and evidence into this cautionary tale about monkey tricks in the financial jungle.

It tells of experts who are typically overpaid, overconfident and underskilled, and some whose integrity is questionable. It also explains that customers can make monkeys of themselves if they are not careful.


No Monkey Business sets out a way of investing with purpose and with care. It makes it relevant to people’s lives and includes practical advice about how to choose the people, the products and what price to pay.”


‘For those looking for something genuinely different that will give you the “whys” of personal finance and investment planning as well as just “how to”, then get a copy of No Monkey Business by Stuart Fowler, finance industry insider turned “antiguru guru”.
Isabel Berwick, Financial Times

‘This is really two books for the price of one: a disturbing exposé of the incompetence and dishonesty of the UK investment business (hopefully now history) and a wise guide to investing for the future – both written by a person with deep knowledge of the City.’
David Lascelles, Co-director, Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

‘No Monkey Business goes a long way to helping the consumer understand what they should expect from a financial adviser and to helping the adviser assist their clients to achieve their goals. Stuart obviously has a good understanding of the market and has not been afraid to express some pretty controversial statements on investment methodology and the quality of advice in the financial services marketplace. An excellent and refreshing piece of work.’
Nick Cann ACIB CFP, Chief Executive, Institute of Financial Planning

‘Stuart’s deep and critical analysis is the best breath of fresh air I have ever read. It is a brilliant expose of the pitfalls to investment. After a long career in academia then business, as a scientist, I long recognised Jim Slater as an astute investor. Stuart is without doubt a new guru whose insight and advice will undoubtably improve this black art.’
GD, Hemel Hempstead

‘No Monkey Business is one of the small number of essential personal finance books that every sensible saver and investor should read.’
VL, Redhill

‘I’ve been caught by nearly every scam in the book! I needed this 20 years ago.’
TC, London

‘I found the book extremely useful. I saw the review in the FT and bought it at once. NMB has filled gaps which I didn’t quite know how to get around. I was savvy about the costs before I got to your book. However my investment strategy was absent. So trackers and the 90% rule came in very handy. This Monkey is in business!’
JS, London

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