• Stuart Fowler

How can outcomes-driven investment improve the client proposition?

Stuart Fowler is due to speak at an upcoming conference on how ‘Liability Driven Investment’ can be applied to the management of wealth for individuals and families.

1st December (London) and the 3rd December (Manchester)

Liability-Driven Investment (LDI) is transforming decision making in the occupational pensions market. Applying the same outcome-driven thinking to personal financial goals provides powerful insights into asset allocation and risk management for both financial planners and portfolio managers.

  • For ‘liabilities’ read ‘tolerable planning outcomes’

  • Outcomes as describable, quantifiable, date-stamped and real

  • Risk management as combining matching (risk free) and tightly-managed mismatching (risky assets)

  • Redefining the asset opportunity set

  • Calculating the asset return probabilities

  • Turning it into a dynamic process

  • The benefits for clients, planners and managers

Details of the conference and how to reserve a place can be found within theprogramme of events.


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