• Stuart Fowler

Integrating financial planning and investment management

Insights from ‘outcomes-driven’ investment practice

1st September 2009

Presentation given by Stuart Fowler to the London Branch of the Institute of Financial Planning

Stuart has been invited to share his insights to one of the challenges that face pure Financial Planners; that you cannot be a good planner if you do not understand investment and you cannot be a good manager if you do not understand planning.

He asserts that the two functions need to be joined up, as in using the same investment ‘model’ to both plan the goal and manage the portfolio. The process of joining them up necessarily changes both functions, in terms of ways of thinking and techniques. It also transforms the way plans are developed with clients and portfolio progress reported. Stuart will describe those changes and how he thinks they alter the way a firm is perceived by its clients.

Demonstrating how to integrate a ‘goal plan’ with a dynamically-managed portfolio, Stuart will take drawdown as the best example. It is the goal that is most complex, least well managed currently and with the greatest client consequences if outcomes are better or worse.

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