• Stuart Fowler

Smart pensions: actions to improve retirement outcomes

Thursday 12th November 2009

Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, 10 Godliman Street, London, EC4V 5AJ

6.15pm for 6.30 start, 7.30 finish

Much conventional advice about pensions is incomplete, flawed and even conflicted. It leads to confusion, poor choices and worse outcomes. Smart pension thinking, by contrast:

  • sees pensions as just part of a retirement spending plan

  • uses pension maths to reveal pension myths

  • seeks true optimal application of complex pension and tax rules

  • knows exactly how similar problems are being solved in the occupational pension world

  • uses modeling techniques that are designed to deal with multiple sources of uncertainty

  • applies ideas of ‘personal utility’ to help make better choices with confidence.

Our Invitation

In the latest of our retirement seminar series we draw together some powerful insights that will improve financial outcomes in a complex area where even intelligent people make mistakes. Even if you attended one of the earlier ones, you will get value from coming again. The format is the same but the venue is new. We promise a prompt start and finish but the opportunity afterwards to discuss over drinks.

Five earlier small, educational seminars in three different venues in the City over the last 12 months have defined the funding of retirement spending, as an economic challenge, and then looked at how conventional planning and investment solutions fail to measure up to the challenge. Not surprisingly, because we are selling as well as educating, we also demonstrate how our approach, which integrates the planning and the investment management, is much more plausible as a means of delivering both better outcomes and better experience of the journey.

In this seminar, we pick out the key penny-drop moments from the previous seminars: insights about the problem, the existing solutions or our solution, that stand on their own as financially valuable or will send you home thinking differently.

We can’t guarantee the penny will drop for you but if you look at what other people have said on our website you will maybe sense this is not marketing hype. It works for us too. A high proportion of the attendees have gone on to commission an Initial Review, almost all of which have already led on to a Defined Outcome Portfolio management role.

Here’s what No Monkey Business founder, Stuart Fowler, and I will discuss this evening:

How doing the pension maths exposes some pension myths

  • Why you were probably badly advised to bias savings to pension products

  • How low contributions should go to avoid the Lifetime Allowance trap

  • Why vesting early and taking tax free cash often makes sense

  • When triggering Primary Protection is better than running Enhanced Protection

Seeing pensions as part of an ‘implementation’ strategy in an overall retirement funding goal

  • It pays to understanding the industry jargon of ‘wrapper strategy’

  • What decisions optimise the strategy: combining asset allocation, tax, liquidity and costs

  • What to do if you have already been sold a suboptimal strategy

Why private wealth management approaches the investment problem differently from institutions

  • Insights from Liability Driven Investment: the leading edge of asset management solutions

  • Defining the matching (or hedging) asset for funding retirement spending targets (or liabilities)

  • Noting the wealth-destruction record of ‘money illusion’

  • Planning a risk budget using tolerable ranges of uncertain, real, date-stamped spending outcomes

  • How we can afford to provide complete customisation of dynamic investment plans

Personal ‘utility’: more insights from applying established theories to household finance

  • Defining how you measure and value the attributes and benefits of wealth, in your terms

  • Why it makes your decision making engaging, simpler, more transparent, better

  • How we translate that into inputs to a specific technical solution, in our terms

  • Why better decisions by you and us are likely to lead to better outcomes.

To accept our invitation please contact Joseph Clark, on 020 7736 2434, email him at

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