• Stuart Fowler

Retirement planning, but not as you know it

Presentation by Stuart Fowler and Joseph Clark

(Please note this is only open to Olswang Partners)

In this workshop, the Olswang Partners will gain a better understanding of pensions;

  • As part of retirement planning

  • Which is itself part of lifetime risk management and capital efficiency planning

  • Covering all assets, all of your life

  • Which can promise better outcomes for lifetime consumption and bequests

  • And ensures you do not make mistakes in the snake pit of HMG’s ‘simplified pensions’ regime

Key factors to focus on when accumulating wealth

  • Embrace capital market risk but avoid inflation risk

  • Keep costs as low as possible

  • Pay most for the things that most impact outcomes

  • Make the best use of pension and other ‘wrappers’ as holding vehicles to maximise flexibility and expected after-tax outcomes

  • Well before you start decumulation, plan how you intend to convert capital to an income stream so you really do ‘derisk’ instead of just swapping risks.

What will the partners get from this session?

  1. Early warning of suboptimal actions or omissions

  2. Insights into what they are paying and getting from our industry

  3. Enjoyment of engaging in a vital dimension of their lives, without being too serious!

  4. A sense of what it would be like to be advised by us

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