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Wednesday 3rd March 2010

Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, 10 Godliman Street, London, EC4V 5AJ

6.15pm for 6.30 start, 7.30 finish

‘What I hoped for but better than I dared expect’ is how a top City lawyer recently described a No Monkey Business financial plan.

How are private clients supposed to know what they are going to get with services as complex, technical and opaque as financial planning and portfolio management?

In our seminar series on retirement planning over the last year we tried to ensure attendees left better-informed, engaged and intrigued but not just sold to. That comes at the expense of clear expectations of what it would be like to be a client of No Monkey Business. In this seminar we focus less on education and more on the experience and exactly what you would get.

attendees will:

  • Understand why our clients have more confidence about their financial future

  • See why they consider us to be their ‘trusted adviser’

  • Learn why most new clients see their overall costs drop significantly

  • Be able to make comparisons with their existing advisers of suitability, service, cost and value

  • Dare to expect more

In this seminar we will describe both elements of a possible relationship with No Monkey Business, planning and managing:

‘initial review’

  • Scope: all or any aspects of individual or wider family finances that you define

  • Structure: four stages on an agreed time line – discovery, development, decisions, deployment

  • Outputs: a structure of different financial goals, with specified resources assigned, approaches to risk management and (if retained) quantified probable outcomes; clear definition of how you expect to derive benefits from your wealth (applying ‘utility’ theory) and how the goal structure maximises utility, using more or less familiar concepts such as total capital (or balance sheet) efficiency, cost effectiveness and tax minimisation

  • Value: if you have never experienced personal financial planning at the level of professionalism of, say, strategic business consulting, institutional investment consulting or corporate and government economic analysis, you have nothing directly to compare our analysis and reports with; this should be one of the best investments you make

  • Conditions: you get value from a plan independent of hiring us to manage money and you do not need to know whether you will retain us; the scope may be limited to focused areas of advice with no intention to retain us.

‘continuous investment services’

  • Scope: discretionary or advisory portfolio management based on goal plans developed in an Initial Review; we need plans because we use a rigorous, quantitative process of client-specific and goal-specific portfolios managed uniquely to deliver a plan

  • Outcomes: each portfolio has explicit outcomes that tie in with the agreed resource allocation and risk approach – hence outcomes-based investing or, as it is known in the institutional market, ‘liability driven investing’ (LDI); outcomes are delivered subject to a risk management discipline that relies on dilution of risky assets by risk free assets

  • Relationship: you deal with a skilled team, not an ‘account manager’ or sales person

  • Reporting: quarterly reports consolidating total assets as well as goal-specific portfolios; reprojected model runs for each goal to provide forward progress as well as comparisons with benchmarks; outcomes-based planning and reporting fundamentally alters the way portfolio management is experienced

  • Cost: flat fee based on scope not asset value; combined with low implementation costs, for clients with portfolio assets above £1m we are likely to be saving them money; depending on assets, assume 0.3 to 1.5% to cover all costs

  • Value: at all levels of wealth, our economic value is a function of both total costs relative to expected portfolio returns and ‘soft’ benefits experienced, such as clarity and confidence

To accept our invitation please contact Joseph Clark, on 020 7736 2434, email him at

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