• Stuart Fowler

An overview of the current and proposed pension regimes

Presentation by Joe Clark

(Please note this is only open to delegates of the 2010 Clinical Radiology Annual Meeting )

By attending this short seminar attendees will gain a greater understanding of the NHS Pension Schemes, enabling them to;

  • Understand the primary differences between the 1995 and 2008 NHS pension schemes

  • Determine which one of the two schemes is likely to be most appropriate for them

  • Calculate the deemed value of their NHS pension

  • ‘Game’ the pension rules in order to maximise the level of pension benefit

  • Determine whether they are on course to breach the Lifetime allowance and what it means if they do

For those with privately funded pensions supplementing the NHS Scheme, Joe will go on to;

  • Set out why the investment approach should differ between ‘accumulators’ and ‘decumulators’

  • Help you to understand which aspects of planning will have the greatest impact on retirement outcomes

  • Discuss practical measures that allow you to keep control of costs

  • Highlight practices that are to be avoided at all costs

And with the Coalition government setting out its pension objectives in two recent consultations, Joe will also cover the areas that are most likely to impact the seminar attendees, and so covering;

  • The impact of likely changes to the pensions annual allowance

  • Improved pension flexibility that is likely to come about with the introduction of a ‘Minimum Income Requirement’

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