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  • Stuart Fowler

Whose plan is it anyway?

(Please note this is only open to Olswang Partners)

Tuesday 28th September 2010

Olswang Offices, 90 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6XX

From our experience working with lawyers across a number of city firms we have identified characteristics that appear to persist.

  1. The investment approaches that have been adopted bear little relevance to the outcome the individual or family is trying to achieve. More often than not, risk has been shunned in favour of hope-for lower volatility, using standardised portfolios that will result in lower outcomes, such as less spending in retirement.

  2. Despite overwhelming evidence that it consistently fails to deliver better returns for retail investors, most solicitors are still paying a high price for active fund management and almost all believed they were paying less to the financial services industry than they actually were, or needed to be.

  3. Most solicitors had a lack of clarity about the relative attraction of property versus financial assets, particular when considering leverage in the form of a mortgage.

  4. Confidence and trust in advisers was low, with many of your peers refraining from action, taking advice from multiple sources and some reluctantly driven to a self-directed approach.

We have been invited to speak to the Olswang partners for a second time because a group of existing partners valued highly the work that we completed for them and believe others should be offered an opportunity to learn a little more about how we work with clients.

In this workshop, Stuart and Joe will describe an approach that focuses on your goals and not those of the industry, including:

  • The benefits that come about from goal-based financial planning, including a hierarchical framework that makes financial decisions easier and more consistent;

  • How best to implement a simple low-cost structure suited to those in the early stages of high savings; and

  • How we design and manage a portfolio of investments to deliver specific, duration-matched, quantified outcomes as defined by the client during the planning stage.

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