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We’ve changed our name

Five years ago, No Monkey Business was a three-person firm looking after a handful of families. They were either already known to the founders or found us because of our distinctive voice. We were confident enough about the strength and appeal of our approach to personal finance that we did not feel clients needed a safe and predictable name for them to feel their investments would be safe and predictable. They liked the no-nonsense attitude implicit in our name, whether it was directed against the bad business practices prevalent in our industry or the silly notions about investing so popular with so many.

Looking ahead another five years and thinking about what the company will be most strongly associated with then, it is not going to be as a lone voice but as a leader. We may still be attracting attention way beyond our size as a champion of consumer causes, trumpeting the importance of asset allocation or debunking active management. These will still be important but no longer such big differentiators, because so many other companies will have moved onto our territory.

What we expect to mark us out as a leader then is ‘outcomes-driven investing’, with its focus on client’s long-term capital uses, in purchasing-power terms, and therefore a different set of risk management tools from traditional balanced management, requiring full integration of financial planning and portfolio management. That is already our territory today but few other advisers or managers have even thought to make that move yet.

This is quite a big ambition and a more complex story than the original platform of transparency and fairness that got us going. It is one that requires us to consider the seriousness of the name we go by. So the name changes but what we stand for, our beliefs about how financial markets work and our business principles have not changed at all. Using the names of the originators underscores that commitment.

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