• Stuart Fowler

Implied beliefs in personal investing

In this article for The Barrister magazine we address four beliefs about investing that are implied by the preferences we observe in the balance sheets and portfolios of individuals before they became our clients. As part of planning with us, we reflect back to clients what their implied beliefs are and test them against both actual beliefs and data evidence of how the financial world appears, in fact, to work.

As a subject for a journal read by lawyers, there is nothing special about their implied beliefs. The four we picked that do not stand up to challenge are apparent across a wide range of private clients, whether our clients or not.

  1. Property is a better investment than financial assets

  2. In a changing world, my risk tolerance should also change

  3. Holding fixed-income investments reduces my risk

  4. I can ‘do it myself’ – or if I cannot I know how to select who should

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