Sports & Media

Looking after sports and media clients and their families for life, not just through their professional career.

Our dedicated team advising sports and media professionals has extensive relationships with individuals, agents, organisations and governing bodies.


They have deep personal knowledge and experience of the particular needs and challenges of these professionals.


They are fully supported by the firm’s financial planning and investment management teams as well as a network of third party service providers so all needs can be met.

What sports and media professionals tend to have in common is either shorter or less certain and more irregular career earnings. This makes them clear beneficiaries of the motivation and visualisation that come with Fowler Drew’s collaborative, goal-based, approach to building uniquely customised and adaptable plans. This is a process that does not require (and will not assume) either knowledge or interest in finance - except as a means to achieving lifetime satisfaction in whatever form each individual chooses.


Professional sport is a target market in financial services that is particularly vulnerable to indifferent or exploitative offerings (ranging from film partnership schemes to outright scams). Our proposition, based on industry-leading techniques and mainstream tax-planning opportunities, coupled with fair and transparent pricing, brings to sports and media professionals the same high technical standards and sensible costs that are enjoyed by discerning Fowler Drew clients in other professional fields such as banking, law and management consultancy.   

Services we provide:

  • Discretionary wealth management

  • Retirement funding 

  • Family protection

  • Tax planning

  • Trust and estate planning

Available through affiliates:

  • Will writing services

  • Foreign exchange services

  • Residential and commercial lending 

  • General insurance for high net worth individuals

  • Legal and accountancy services 

  • Tax consultancy services

For more information, contact:

Mike Webb

T: 0207 736 2434

M: 07768 444609


Marvin Elliott

T:  0207 736 2434

M: 07566 150984


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